Voters Remorse-Do Biden Voters Regret Voting For Him?

By now everyone knows and can clearly see what has and hasn't been taking place now that Biden is in office and one of those things is the "State of the Union" speech he still has not made. This makes him the first POTUS to take long over a month and a half without addressing this nation. Bush, Obama and Trump have all made their appearance a little over a month after taking presidency, but Uncle Joe has yet to keep up that tradition. Why? Well maybe because he's too busy signing all of these executive orders and planning this trillion million dollar "Covid Relief" bill that has about less than 9% to do with the actual Covid virus and more to do with keeping the left rich.

With Union labor workers now unemployed, immigrants being given the "Go" to enter our country illegally and with mandatory vaccinations being forced on teachers and educators (by the end of this month) how much worse can it get? Well according to those previously in charge during Trump's administration and other analysis it is going to get "Much Worse!"

During Biden's campaign he promised to band together with the right to "Fix" and "Repair" what Trump has created and/or destroyed, but the halt of building the wall at the Mexican border isn't a great way to start off a four-year presidency nor is writing a bill that allows for those born male who identify themselves as female to participate in female sports.

These are just a few of the things that are taking place that no one can turn the blind eye to! And as an independent and an individual who prides themself of supporting what's right and best for the American people, I can't help but to wonder and be nervous of what's to come. But I do have to pose this question because I'd like to know, "How are Biden voters feeling these days now that well...he's in office?" And if even though it may not seem like it now; all our lives will be affected sooner or later by the irrational decisions that are being made.

With all that being said, the only thing I can suggest is that we remain positive, kind, safe and prayed up!


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Image 1: [Joe Biden] Retrieved. March 7, 2021. From: Pledge to vote for Biden-Harris 2020 — NextGen America

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