King Face Returns

King Face returns to speak on Trump, current events, blacks voting, the deep state and more! Join me and @kingface_f1 this Wednesday (4/22/20) at 9PM on my LIVE to discuss “What really matters!” Ask questions, get answers, call in or just listen. This is a LIVE SEGMENT ” YOU DON’T WANNA MISS!”

Correction: 5G 🤦🏾‍♀️

STOP dealing with “Emotions” for just a moment and look at the “REALITY” of the situation that hasn’t been made more clearer! The information that you choose to “Believe” in is in fact, one of the MANY tactics that are being used to keep you under control, mentally crippled and fearful! It’s called “Fear mongering!”

“The invisible enemy” has unleashed its evil plot to dictate how we live and interact with others! Day by day we are being broken down emotionally , psychologically , financially and spiritually which in turn, effects our immune system triggering great harm to our bodies and physical state. But I refuse to fall victim and give away my freedom to learn, seek the truth and share it with others!

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