About Me

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Tahanee Sayyid is an Author & Relationship Columnist who offers women logical resolutions, methods and suggestions to accomplish a positive outcome in their relationship. Although Tahanee understands the human needs and desires regarding the way we interact, connect and behave with ourselves and others; she does not believe that one needs companionship in-order to attain happiness and thrive in life.

Tahanee’s passion for writing landed her a position as a writer for Yandy Smith (of VH1’s Love In Hip Hop) Everything Girls Love magazine. She is also the Host and creator of the new show, Bedroom Busters and Bites.

Tahanee’s desire and ability to connect with the public has garnered her speaking engagements at Gaudette College, Howard University and University of Maryland University College to name a few. She has also made public appearances at churches, fundraisers and Aids Awareness Events. Whether it is through her books, cooking show or articles the importance of, self-love and having standards is always the message behind her work.

Tahanee has over fifteen years in the Education field and is a Computer Operations Technician.