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Treat Me Like A Lady: The New Woman Demands To Be Treated Like A Lady and Some Disagree

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They weren't born as women but they live their lives as such and ask to be treated in the same fashion as any natural born woman. But does being born a man strip them from these rights? Can a transgender woman stand side by side with a mother, wife, daughter etc and get the same respect? Hear the opinions of others and their take on this subject. 

Katrina of Washington, DC usually doesn’t judge others but she does feel as though there are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed. “I think that transgender women need to know their place. I don’t like it when they think they can go toe to toe with us real women. They can never and will never be able to do what we can.”

“I actually have a cousin who has completely changed his entire identity but I believe this derived from years of sexual abuse my uncle inflicted on him. I think that played a huge role in his decision. I respect her as she likes. It’s still my cousin and there is no love lost,” Dee of Virginia shares.

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Hubert (HIV Advocate) of Northern Virginia feels that he has no place to judge transgender women but he makes a clear warning that, “They’d better keep their asses away from me and don’t even think about crossing the line. Because at the end of the day they are men and they will get handled as such!”

“How can we forget the struggle women have gone through and the oppression they are still trying to overcome? I blame the absence of male role models in the home. It it were illegal like how it is in Saudi Arabia; I bet there would be less hate crimes!"says, Ahmad Ahmed a native of Iraq.


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