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Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder: Are You Programmed To Self-Destruct?

Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder is the sum total of the emotional and psychological

psychological impact of our abduction and separation from Africa, slavery, Jim Crow, the crushing of the Black American Revolution (starting with the deportation of Marcus Garvey and ending with the destruction of the Black Panther Party), the Black indoctrination in a system of white values, beliefs and supremacy, and the establishment of an economic caste system.

These experiences have all created deep, intense feelings of fear, anger, and self-hatred among African-Americans, resulting in self destructive psychosis.

The suicidal, self-destructive nature that many Africans and African-Americans suffer from can be impossible to diagnose. Resistance and denial create within us powerful psychological barriers that block our ability to honestly assess our thinking errors. As you read this, ask yourself if you indeed are resisting truths that lay at your core.

It is perfectly normal to resist looking into the dark shadows of your subconscious, but this must be done if we are to heal our collective self esteem and break the psychological chains that have been forged for us, and that keeps us in bondage today.

Racial Self-Destruction

Until we do so, all the gun programs, AIDS walks, Black conscious lectures, mass movements, and Stop The Violence concerts in the world will have a minimal effect.

Until we truly examine the causes and effects of PTSD, we as a community – and you as an individual – may be subconsciously programmed for racial, financial, physical, cultural, and psycho-sexual forms of self destruction.

While I have my many, many disagreements with the philosophies of Eldridge Cleaver, I believe he was precocious in his diagnosis of the self-destructive nature that African-Americans have been subconsciously programmed with.

Self-hatred can take on many forms. Sometimes it can be detected by no one, not the keenest observer, not the self-hater himself. But in American Negroes, this ethnic self-hatred often takes the bizarre form of a racial death-wish that plays right into the hands of our historical enemy. The myth of the creation of the white race, called “Yacub’s history”, is an inversion of this racial death-wish.

Yacub’s plan is still being followed by many Black folks wearing white masks today. Quite simply, many Blacks believe – as the principle of assimilation into white America implies – that the race problem in America cannot be settled until all traces of the Black race are eliminated.

Toward this end, many Black folks loathe the very idea of two very dark men and women reproducing. The children, they say, will come out ugly. What they mean is that the children are sure to be Black, and this is not desirable.

What has been happening for the past 400 years is that the white man, through his access to Black women, has been pumping his blood and genes into our bloodlines, thus fulfilling Yacub’s plan and creating a racial buffer class.

If we use Yacob’s History as an allegory, we can see the parallels in the story to the behavior of the victimized African today. For those of you who haven’t read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, you can read the story below (continue reading)

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