Now You See Him, Now You Don’t: How to Put an End to His Disappearing Acts

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Friday night has come and gone. It’s Sunday morning and still no sign of him. You’ve called only to get his voicemail, sent numerous texts only to be ignored and now you’re on the verge of 1) Changing your number 2) Showing up at his house or are you simply jumping to conclusions? Nope. Not at all! He’s just pulling another one of his famous disappearing acts. Here’s some insight on how to put an end to his disrespectful behavior.

Breathe. Inhale…now exhale. Try to gather your thoughts and filter out the negative ones. You know; the ones that are telling you to hop in your car, drive to his house and smack the sh*t out of him. But don't! Just... breathe. Discount those emotions and think about the situation as a whole. Focus on resolving the problem once and for all.

Think About Your Actions. Somewhere down the line your guy felt it was permissible for him to play Houdini. When he did it the first time without little to no consequences to pay, he obviously didn’t fear doing it again and he did. So where did you go wrong? What passive behavior did you display that could have made him feel it was okay to behave in such a manner? Tackle those actions and nip them in a bud. It’s not too late to adjust and demand the respect that you deserve.

Beat Him to the Punch. When your boo resurfaces–because he will–you disappear! It’s not playing tit-for-tat, you are simply busy gathering you’re thoughts and figuring out if you want to continue the relationship or not. Being unavailable will not only give him time to think about what he’s done, but it will also give you as much time as you need to clear your head.

In almost every case, acting off of impulse can create bigger issues. Take the proper time to put your situation into perspective and be prepared to take action that you won’t renege on.

Written By: Tahanee

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