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[INTERVIEW] Gift-Giving Tips for the Woman with Multiple Valentines

Being committed to one person has its challenges but can you imagine being interested in more than one person? When holidays come around, you’re guaranteed to be even more overwhelmed, but not Noral. This sexy, savvy, 35-year-old woman spilled all the tea on the importance of being cautious, not overspending and how she’s managed to keep both of her lovers happy without them unwrapping the surprise of one another’s existence!

EGL: So you have two lovers. Are these serious relationships or one of those fly-by-night type of things?

NORAL: Let’s just say I’m having fun but at the same time I just can’t seem to choose. I want them both!

EGL: How long have you been dating them?

NORAL: I’ve been dating them both for approximately two years.

EGL: Wow. How did this come about?

NORAL: It’s kind of funny because it happened unexpectedly like most love triangles. I was sitting in my car in front of one of my favorite coffee shops when I noticed this fine, tall, dark chocolate of a man jogging by. The first thing I wanted to do was replace him with the chocolate drizzle I had over my whipped cream vanilla latte but, I decided why get a little drizzle when you could have the whole thing? So I honked the horn, stepped out of the car  and that’s when I knew I had him hooked! Trust me. I’m no stranger to the gym. And I got right down to business with the health questions (as if didn’t already know the answers) like how long had he been running this route, how many miles a day does he run and what he recommends for toning up. I had to entice him with my interest in what he seemed to be passionate about.

EGL: And how did you meet the other one?

NORAL: I attended a wedding of a friend and he happened to be one of the grooms men. He had this smile that was infectious! He’s not as tall as my other guy and very fair-skinned, but I don’t discriminate.

EGL: How old are they?

NORAL: Well, “Sexual Chocolate” is 23 and “Milky Way” is 22.

EGL: Do you find it hard to balance the two for holidays?

NORAL: Holidays are the best for me!  I get double the gifts. But as far as purchasing them their gifts, I go shopping months ahead. I’m talking about like in the summer so I am not in the mall during that Christmas rush.

EGL: So you’re not in the malls during the holidays, but what about shopping on Valentine’s Day?

NORAL:  It’s not that serious for me. Valentine’s is for women, so they should be happy they’re even getting a gift.  

EGL: What type of gifts do you buy them?

NORAL: One of my guys [is] young, so a pair of Jordans always work for him and honestly that may be the hardest time to get him his gift because the exclusive Jordans come out every so often. Now that’s stressful.

EGL: What about your other lover. What types of gifts does he like?

NORAL: I’ll buy him a pair of designer jeans or an entire outfit. It has to be something he can wear if he decides to take me out. He likes the things that I pick out for him.

EGL: On an average how much would you say you spend on the both of them?

NORAL: Not much. I go for the bargains. Black Friday specifically! I’m telling you; I go shopping months ahead!  

EGL: Do you exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day or afterwards?

NORAL: No. I’ve made it clear to my young tenderoni that I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day, but in all actuality, I am with my other guy.

EGL: Do you think you’re the only female in their lives and would it bother you if you weren’t?

NORAL: They’re two young men. Of course I’m not the only one. I’m almost positive the twenty-two year old is having his fun. And to be honest it doesn’t bother me one bit.

EGL: Are you ever going to choose?

NORAL: I thought about it. Check back with me after Valentine’s Day!

EGL: I bet that’s heaven for you! I can’t imagine the gifts you receive.

NORAL: Oh most definitely! That’s when I am flourished with gifts, candy, diamonds, etc. But one thing I have to admit is that, that may be one of the reasons why I can’t choose. I love the attention. But like I said…check back with me after Valentine’s Day!


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