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If He's An F-Boy, Then What Does That Make You?

“Oh he’s a f*ck boy and you knew it from the beginning! Don’t be out here trying to act like you didn’t know. I’m tired of these women messing with these men and then telling a sob story after the sh*t blows up in their face. Honey, you better get your shit together!

These are the words of Tisha Holmes, 35 of Jacksonville, FL. She became visibly upset when the topic of women who bash men came up. “These women are blaming men who are working class citizens, but when they don’t get what they want these men become f*ck n*gg*s. Nah, boo you a certified f*ck girl; he was just being a man!”

Tisha agrees that there are great women who are out here doing what needs to be done and making a contribution to society, but on the flipside there is a large amount of men who are being raised by “Hot Cheeto Poom-Poom Popping” women.

“What I will not support is a woman who thinks that she’s going to get far in a relationship and treated like a queen when she enters the relationship as a h*e. That’s absolutely ridiculous!” Amber Rose was mentioned in the conversation and Tisha didn’t agree with the Slut Walk movement. “Moral is being lost and being promiscuous has become the norm. What are we teaching our youth? Who do young girls have to look up to? This generation is doomed!”


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