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Is There a Time Frame On Love?

Some people feel there’s no time frame when it comes to love and expressing your feelings to the new boo in your life. Others feel there is a certain time and place to express those emotions. Can true love exist after two dates? If so, is it a good idea to let your feelings be known and how should the person receiving this news react? Find out here.

Lover or Loser?

The excitement of entering a new relationship could keep you on cloud nine 24/7, but sometimes expressing your emotions to your new boo could be a bit startling. And there are many people who confuse lust with love and/or infatuation! If you are dating someone and after two dates they drop the L word, maybe your antennas should go up. And if you are the one uttering the L word, do not be surprised if they pull out the red flag and take a step back. Some people aren’t receptive to such sensitive words and so soon. The last thing you want is for your partner to walk out (or in this instance, run away) viewing you as a creeper or obsessed.

Emotionally Empty

When something unfortunate or devastating happens in our lives we are left with a feeling of emptiness and sadly sometimes we look for others to fill that void and/or vice versa. And it isn’t hard to identify the signs with being afraid to be alone as one. Being emotionally wounded can lead you to believing in feelings that aren’t actually valid.

Love or Lust

Are you two basing your feelings off of physical pleasure or true emotions? Were the feelings of love there before sex or did they magically appear afterwards? Pay very close attention to this! Lust can lead to disappointment when a person is only intrigued by another’s physical appearance or ability to perform sexual! Love is way more complex and normally isn’t based on temporary emotions that only appear when certain words are spoken or actions take place.

Knowing the person’s past is extremely important just as well as being familiar and honest about your own feelings. Putting a time frame on love depends on how you and your partner define and perceive love!

Written By: Tahanee

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