Date Me, Don’t Hate Me: 5 Signs Your Spouse is Jealous of You

No one wants to imagine their spouse being a hater let alone hating on them. But truth is, jealousy can plague any relationship and unfortunately it goes unnoticed until it’s too late, sometimes even snow balling into something way more dangerous and sinister. So being able to identify jealous behavior in a relationship is extremely important! If your spouse is displaying any of these 5 signs, you may need to consider re-evaluating your relationship. 

Frequently Criticizes You

You can never do anything right in his eyes. Minor mistakes start to become major mishaps. Being under constant scrutiny can cause stress and chip at your self-esteem bit by bit. Being reminded of everything you aren’t can affect the person you are striving to become if you feed into this negativity. 

Compares Himself to You 

This may seem strange, but it definitely happens and can often be overlooked. For example, you two may be watching a sports program (something you aren’t particularly a fan of) and the commentator uses a word you’ve never heard or a word you aren’t familiar with so you turn to him and inquire about the word and he makes you feel like you’ve asked a far-fetched and outrageous question. Terms like, “You don’t know what xyz means, I knew that word when I was younger and everybody knows what xyz means.” This language can reveal ulterior feelings he may have about you.

Points Out Your Imperfections

Humans gain weight…point, blank, period. But who wants to be reminded or have areas on their body pointed out that could use some tightening up? I don’t think anyone would want unsolicited advice or comments being made towards them about their body! And it doesn’t help if you are in need of taking care of the little feminine things like getting your eyebrows done, nails done or maybe even your hair and he’s bringing it to your attention; as if you don’t look at yourself in the mirror.

Always Wants the Spot Light

You’ve gotten a promotion at work and have decided to throw a little shindig. Somehow, instead of the focus being on you and this wonderful celebration, it has somehow turned into a discussion on how he’s lead in sales in his department and how his name has become amongst the chatter of those getting a raise at work. Support is imperative in any relationship.

Puts You Down in Front of Friends 

Does he always make you the butt of the joke? It’s okay to throw out a joke here and there, but constantly making you the target is taking it overboard and that type of behavior is unacceptable. Not only does it give people the impression that you are a person he doesn’t take serious, but it could also come off as your spouse having no respect for you, resulting in others thinking they can treat you the same way. 

Overlooking, brushing off or minimizing any of the above behavior is not going to improve your relationship or make that person love you more. Take note and take action in protecting yourself because a man who truly loves you will do everything in his power to be helpful, not harmful! 

Written By: Tahanee

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