Traits Of A Jealous Person

As I sit here and write this blog I am saying to myself "Ooooh this is going to be fun" and probably hit a nerve in a few people but, I don't care! The thing that I love the most about being an Author is being able to express myself. Sometimes when I write I am solely writing for the satisfaction of ME and doing it in a way that makes sense to ME and to ME ONLY. Other times when I write (depending on the subject) I am writing to spark emotions, thoughts and to inspire others, but I find it to be quite rewarding when I am able to do both of those things at the same time. Now lets get to the meat and potatoes of this blog!

First of all, harboring any kind of jealousy towards someone is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!! Like...SERIOUSLY! What the hell are you so angry about and who are you so angry with? There are VERY particular traits a jealous person (hater) will have and they ALL tend to move the same way. Why? Because jealousy has no uniqueness and/or creativity. A jealous or envious person can mask their disdain for you, but for so long; eventually that shit comes out! ESPECIALLY when you are shielded and protected by the MOST HIGH. When you build, rebuild, create, restore, etc etc your link with God, a shield is built that protects and repels you from the hurtful, envious, hateful ways, words and tactics of jealous and envious people.

Beware of the following CLASSIC traits of a JEALOUS ASS PERSON

1) One thing a jealous person will do is give you advice or offer an opinion (that you never asked for in the first place) about what you should be or could be doing better. And this could pertain to your business, love life, career, etc. Whatever the case may be, they feel the need to shoot down what you HAVE already accomplished by offering their "Unsolicited" advice/opinion on your shit (shit they have NO experience in) and to make matters worse they haven't even touched the surface of what they want to do in life!

*Side note (NEVER take advice from someone who has NO experience in your gift, craft, talent, niche, etc)

2) They ACT LIKE they don't notice a big accomplishment, celebratory event or goal you've met! And foolishly they will give themselves away by saying dumb shit like "I saw you posted a pic of Sherman, how's he doing anyway?" Mind you, this is AFTER you've posted your big accomplishment! So you mean to tell me you saw the picture of Sherman and I, but didn't see the photo I posted before that? You know, the one shows I'm newly engaged accompanied with my engagement ring? Dumb ass!

3) They always try to sway and make the conversation about someone they know who is or who has SUCCESSFULLY done the same thing as you! Or they talk about what they've done (themselves) how much money they had or what they are ABOUT TO DO. In any event, they will say and do any and everything they can to keep the focus from off of you.

4) Unfortunately, you could have just lost a loved one and these idiots will get on the phone and hold a FULL FLEDGED conversation with you without mentioning or offering their condolences. Why? Well because they feel that by acknowledging your feelings is just the same as giving you props and ANY positive emotion you feel deriving from their words goes against the grain and their mission to make you feel like shit has failed. They don't want you to feel good! They do not want your feelings to matter!

5) They are the Carbon Copied/Great Value/ Knock Off version of you! They have taken everything you've ever shared with them or done and made it their own, giving the false illusion to others that it originated from them.

6) Say and do things to get under your skin or get a rouse out of you! They looooove to see if they have the power/control to push you to the edge. To see you in distress makes them feel good and like they've accomplished something.

The rest of the behavior a jealous person displays is just so obvious! Leaving your messages on "Read" and not responding for days, addressing you as "Superstar, Champ, Kiddo, Big shot, etc, cutting ties with you for no reason, stalking your social media page (not knowing you have a secret application that can see their hating asses) un-liking your pics, un-following you, blocking you, not liking group pics you are in, following your friends (not you), always trying to find flaws in your opinion, always testing your intellect, always feels the need to turn a conversation into a lecture or debate (like they are teaching you some shit, dropping jewels or kicking knowledge, likes to remind you of a difficult time in your life (that you obviously got through, but had a hard time doing so) just to stir up your emotions and put you back in a bad space, uses what you shared with them against you, pretend like they are happy for your success and support you, always tries to outshine you or overshadow you, constantly switches their career goals or profession. I could go on and on, but that would take forever! I'm almost positive you catch my drift!


You may be saying to yourself "Why is Tahanee mentioning social media? Who takes social media that serious? People need to find a hobby, etc,etc. And trust me, I could dig it, but let's not pretend like people haven't lost their lives, relationships, jobs, etc over social media! Or better yet, try and say "Social media "Isn't that serious" to the friends and family of victims, Ranita Williams (killed on Facebook Live after putting up a post about her ex's spouse) Makeva Jenkins (robbed and killed after posting on Facebook her financial success), Lil Jojo Joseph Coleman (shot and killed by rivals shortly after posting his location on Twitter) or to Coleman Bonner (who was fired after his insensitive Facebook post)


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