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A College Trip To Remember

It was my last year in college and I was honestly over it! The books, the crowded halls, and the late nights I had spent writing research papers about topics that hold no relevancy in my life today! I’m a realist so I can say that my attitude that day probably contributed to that quite embarrassing moment I had. The law of attraction was in full force, and it started when I got out of my car and spilled some of my vanilla ice coffee on my brand-new white shirt.

Back then I had a habit of trying to carry multiple items in my hand at one time and today was no exception. After spilling coffee on my white shirt, sitting in traffic for 20 minutes and breaking a nail, I was ready for the day to be over with and it wasn’t even 8:30AM yet. I piloted my way through the crowded halls clutching my Biology, American History, Sociology and Math books to my chest and my coffee, purse, and half-eaten muffin in the other. Most people would have just put their things in a backpack but, as I mentioned before, I have a habit of carrying multiple things at one time.

I extended my foot to step onto what I thought was the first step and then “CRUNCH” I feel a sharp pain in my ankle as I fell forward, face first. Books flew everywhere. The remainder of my Ice coffee spilled, leaving a sticky trail of caramel and whip cream down my arm and elbow. My books landed in the puddle of coffee and soggy blueberry muffin.

Everything went silent as everyone in the hallway stopped and stared at me. I could hear laughter and whispering as I gathered my things together with my head down; I refused to look up! A professor and a couple of students came rushing over to see if I was okay. “Are you okay?” The professor asked. “Yes. I’m fine.” I replied.

I was mortified!

By: Orsini

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