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Too many times we are judged and criticized by others! Too many times we share our deepest, most darkest and painful past and current struggles with the ones we trust (or at least thought we could) only to have those same things shared thrown back in our face or exploited, onlyto leave us feeling humiliated and betrayed! Many of us either cannot afford or have been told that speaking with a therapist is for "White people, crazy people or for those who are weak and who cannot cope with reality!" But I am here to tell you NO! That is NOT the case! Often those who are doing the criticizing are the very ones who are the weak, fragile and most hurt. My services (created by me!) allows for YOU, OTHERS, and even myself to engage in self-help excercises, discussions and activities that will encourage us all to take on and face the very things have been hindering us from becoming the AMAZING, TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL people our creator has intended for us to become!

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