Women Who Cheat-Speak Out!

BOY oh BOY!!! Let me tell you how much fun I had doing this little piece! Not only was this fun, but I also learnt some very interesting information about the options that women in Africa have who are currently in "Polygamous" relationships (we will get to that later) but first, let me share with you a few statements made by several different women (who asked to remain antonymous) who are currently having and/or have had affairs. These ladies reveal their true feelings on being unfaithful and even offer some tips on how other women can pull the wool over their man's eyes!

When posed with the questions, "Why did you cheat, what made you cheat and would you cheat again?" These were some of the answers I got...

-"I wasn't sure if I wanted to be in a monogamous relationship, but I knew I wanted to keep my current boyfriend around because he was a really great guy with a lot going for himself and I wasn't about to mess that up!"

-"My man was always making assumptions about me sleeping with my best friend; who happens to be a guy and no matter how much I tried to convince him it was platonic, he'd still accuse me so...I did it! Enjoyed every bit of it and probably will do it again. I blame him for that because honestly I wasn't even thinking about doing that until he put it in my head!"

-"Men want for women to be obedient well, we want the same! Men need to learn how to STFU and sit down sometimes. Men who talk too much are the ones who get cheated on!"

-"Do I feel guilty? HELL NO!"

-"Imma continue to be me and if that makes me a cheater...OH WELL!"

-"Kissing isn't considered cheating. You cheat in your mind first, before the action follows. If you've fantasized about another man (other than your spouse) than you've already cheated. The action isn't what determines whether you've cheated; it's what the mind and heart desires."

"I only cheated twice on my ex and he forgave me each time! If he was really hurt and bothered he wouldn't have forgiven me. How many women have forgiven their man for cheating and having a baby on them? Boo-hoo cry me a f*cking river! Some men are damn soft. Get over it dude!"

"I'm not saying it's right, but who said it's wrong? We sin everyday. If you're going to say cheating is wrong then you have to say that lack of attention, affection and appreciation is wrong as well because that's one of the main reasons why women cheat in the first place!"

"Shit happens. I'm not going to sit around and be sad or act like I can't get cheated on, but I tell you one damn thing, I'd rather be the cheater than the cheated and that's just facts!"

Fun Fact: Here is something that I found interesting after a subscriber commented on one of Bedroom Buster and Bites videos pertaining to polygamy. In Africa, women who are currently in poly relationships have the option of being in a "Polyandry" relationship. This means that she can have more than one husband. Like many, I was surprised to hear of something as such and the reason why it isn't well known is because it isn't practiced as often as polygamy.

These remarkable women I had the pleasure of speaking with are true "Givers" Not only were they kind enough to share their feelings on infidelity, but they were also generous enough to leave those of you who are interested with a few tips and tricks on the "Do's & Don'ts" of cheating. Enjoy!

Follow At Your Own Risk!!!

1) Try to keep the same energy you always have towards your spouse; never be too nice and/or affectionate if that's not how your relationship was previously (before you started creeping)

2) Buy two of the same underwear and keep one pair stashed away in your car or hidden someplace else, Outside of your home!

3) Install a secret application on your phone that allows you to block numbers, hide your text and picture messages.

4) Never share, discuss or give your opinion on things that pertain to "Infidelity" in-front of your spouse. (i.e. if a movie is on and the woman is cheating...do not voice your opinion) stay neutral. Shake your head or just say stuff like, "Wow that's crazy!" or "Damn!" You don't want to leave the door opened for any speculation.

5) Kegel, Kegel, Kegel!!!

6) Use protection and birth-control (condoms break!)

7) Carry wet wipes.

8) Never turn your phone on "Airplane mode" or "Silent" at night. Keep it on at all times! Any behavior that reflects you are trying to hide something raises suspicion (especially if you've never done it in the past)

9) Never make or commit to future plans with your side-dude. He must know his place and understand that he is not and will never be number one!

10) This should have been rule number 1. NEVER discuss your relationship with your side dude. Do not give me any information that can later be used against you!

Question of The Day: Would women who cheat be better off practicing Polyandry?

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