"Woman, I already have you."

👄I am so wet and on fire for this man. I'm struggling desperately to fight his hold but his hand is like a pair of metal handcuffs with no give. Then moans begin to escape my mouth because he is now devouring my exposed breast. His warm mouth swallows and gulps on it as his tongue glides over the surface of its bud sending me through the roof. My breast swells and my forward soldier is standing at full attention especially when he uses his teeth to pinch and pull only simply to blow a cool breeze on it. Bastard. I need to stop this. I need to stop him. I need to get away. While in mid thought he then slides his fully erect and throbbing manhood into my overly damp weakness. I begin squirming more dramatically in a very vain attempt to escape his powerful strokes. Heavy and loud moans are simply erupting out of my mouth! I am so defeated. I'm his. I can't breath. I can't think. Do I even have any strength left?

“Nooo!!!” I scream. “You will not have me!!” His mouth finally releases my aching breast and stares me in the eyes.

"Woman, I already have you." He says with such assurance as I instantly reach my breaking point and erupt all over his weapon of flesh.

"Nooo!!! Awww!!! Oooohhh!!!" These are the sounds that erupt out of my mouth. I embrace every throb, every twitch, every nerve shattering pulse. Fucking Hell!! He's not...stopping.

“Now…little angel, as I was asking you earlier, why are you…really here?”

Fuck! Is he seriously questioning me right now? Damn it! I want to lie but it is so difficult for me to even concentrate while he's stirring...and stroking...inside me.

“Answer me.” He sternly demands.👄



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😈"Could you Rise again after you've FALLEN?"😈


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