Why You Shouldn't Tell Him You’re Seeing Other People!

There are plenty fish in the sea and you aren’t done fishing, however, you did hook a great catch. But you still feel the need to see what else is out there. Does your current lover have the right to know you’re still a fisher woman at sea? Simple answer..."NO!" And I'll tell you why.

What’s The Point?

How serious are you about this fella and what would be your reason for telling him he isn’t the only one? Asking yourself these questions may help eliminate any unnecessary drama or hurt feelings on both ends. If you’re looking to make him jealous or feel threatened by your extracurricular activities, then this isn’t the way to go, especially if you’re hoping to build a lasting relationship. But, if you genuinely care about his feelings and want to give him the option of hitting the road or going for the ride, then maybe revealing this information is the better choice, but I am still leaning towards, no.

Letting The Cat Out The Bag

So, you decide to tell him and things take a horrible turn. He decides to move on, blocks you from all sources of communication and completely falls off the face of the Earth. What do you do? Hopefully you were prepared for a situation like this, but even if you weren’t, there isn’t too much you can do. Considering you weighed out all your options before letting the cat out the bag, you already knew this was a possibility and obviously he didn’t hold ALL of your interest so don’t beat yourself up too much if things go from beautiful to bad.

Keep It On The Low

Depending on what your relationship goals and expectations are, maybe what you do in your spare time with other men should be kept a secret. Can you vouch that he’s somewhere sitting in the corner twiddling his thumbs when he isn’t with you? Remember, men and women alike don’t tell everything! If you cant say for certain (which you probably won’t ever) that you’re the only one he’s sharing his time with, then you don’t have to feel obligated to share what you do in your spare time with other people.

So, revealing to your guy that he isn’t the only one your seeing is solely up to you. Whether you decide to tell him or not, weigh out your options first and be prepared for whatever the outcome may be, but don't say I didn't warn you!

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