🔞"What have I gotten myself into?"

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

👄He stands up in between my cuffed legs, pulls down his zipper and out comes what looks like his ten inch manhood rise and emerge almost as if his penis is a hand reaching out from the pits of hell looking to drag me down. I swear it appears to be staring at me, like a hungry dog being held back by his master, desiring to attack and enter me. He then bends down and with my cuffed legs now firmly wrapped around his waist, he easily picks me up off the bed and lowers me onto his throbbing weapon. “Ummmmmmphh!!” I'm so wet he easily slides inside me with little resistance as he begins to stroke me off. Damn this sick bastard. I can’t even lower my legs because they’re cuffed behind his back. I'm trying not to enjoy this but I can’t help it. I’m…I’m craving it. It’s…it’s really taming me. Oh God.

"Oooww!! Oooooowww!!! FUCK!" The more I fight, only seems to make my arousal even more intense. His devil dick is pounding the shit out of me and I can't escape. It disgusts me that I'm so turned on and so on fire for this demon of a man. Just what have I gotten myself into? This beast is stroking me senseless.👄




📖"FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family (Part 1)"📖


Exclusively inside the Pages of...

🔞FBX: The FALLEN by Xodus Novels Magazine #1🔞



😈"Could you Rise again after you've FALLEN?"😈


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