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Ten Signs Your Woman Is About Cheat...

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Ladies, we aren't all that innocent ourselves (at least not all of us) and contrary to what "Many" think; great men still exist and not all men cheat (a small percentage. I mean very small) but for the most part; you can still hook a great fish in the sea. But just as there are men who cheat...there are women who do the same! I've heard so many people say throughout the years that women are smarter/slicker when it comes to cheating, but I can't help but to pose the question, "How smart can you be (the cheater) if you're willing to put your precious life and the lives of others in danger by your unwillingness to choose one person to commit to? and lastly, being "Slick" isn't a compliment! It just goes to to show that you (the cheater) have mastered the technique(s) of being deceitful, disloyal, disrespectful, cruel and since this article is geared towards women who cheat, then you will more than likely be referred to as a "Garden Tool."

Today, a woman who cheats or who has a "Side Dude" doesn't get much backlash! In fact, it has been made comical! And there are so many things that contribute to deeming this kind of behavior as acceptable and it starts off with the endless amount of praises in memes, skits and comical videos posted on social media that "Encourage" promiscuity with the intent of softening it up and making light of the situation. Anything to make it look less harmful and natural when in all actuality it doing the complete opposite.

Some women like to view it as embracing their femininity, sexuality and independence; but in reality all it says is: "I am a woman who thinks very little of myself and rather fill the void in my heart; I will fill it between my legs!"

So fellas if your woman displays any of these odd, but quite obvious behaviors...

"You better run in the other direction!"

1. She complains about the lack of attention you are showing.

2. She’s hanging around her single friends more often.

3.Finds excuses to be away from you and home.

4. Starts to pay more attention to her appearance by enhancing her look (figure, breast, etc)

5. She’s constantly on the phone and takes it everywhere (even the bathroom)

6. Looses interest in intimacy.

7. Picks arguments with you and constantly finds things to complain about.

8. Suddenly becomes uninterested in a future with you (she no longer uses the words "We or us" and now everything is "I or Me")

8. Starts belittling you as man (emasculates)

9. Justifies women's (especially her friends) risky and promiscuity behavior.

10. So-called "Long lost male cousins, new male co-workers or old childhood friends begin to appear.


11) Puts a lock on her cell phone when she never had one before.

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