"Sleeping With My Husband's Assistant and Loving Every Minute!"

Updated: Dec 4, 2019


Excerpt from: Lust Now, Cry Later

“Damn, we did it again!” she said, bending back down to pick up the box of condoms.

This was the third time they hadn’t used protection, and she wasn’t taking any form of birth control. She and Carl didn’t have any children, and as far as she was concerned, they weren’t.

I can’t believe I spent the night out again. She glanced over at Lamar’s naked body and smiled devilishly. But then again, good black dick makes you do some crazy things!

Natalya walked over to the dresser and removed her wedding ring from her finger; she hated showering with her ring and having to pick the small pieces of soap from her diamonds afterward. She picked up her phone; her stomach dropped when she saw the name “Carl,” and the number seventeen, under missed calls.

“Desperate. He called seventeen times!” she murmured as she shook her head. Maybe I’ll call him back, but that depends on how I feel after I take a shower and go another round with my boy toy! she thought, placing the phone back onto the dresser and heading to the bathroom.

As the hot water hit her back, she closed her eyes and thought of a lie she’d tell Carl. She couldn’t use the excuse that she was too intoxicated to drive and stayed at her best friend Abby’s, because Abby was in the hospital. And she couldn’t say that she’d gotten arrested and spent the night in jail, because she had used that lie three weeks ago.

Suddenly, her concentration was broken as the shower curtain flung open. Lamar stood there naked, biting his bottom lip. Natalya gazed up and down at his cocoa brown naked body—perfect!

He had the curliest hair she had ever seen. His goatee looked as if it were drawn with a fine point pen—each line straight and sharp. His lips were full and succulent. He licked them and smiled, revealing a deep dimple on his right cheek. His dark-brown, almond-shaped eyes reciprocated the stare. Her eyes moved down to his muscular chest, past his rippled six-pack, where the words, “pray for me,” rested, accompanied by a pair of praying hands. Her eyes continued to survey his body until she reached the prize. His penis stood erect and at attention. Damn, that has got to be at least nine inches! she thought.

She reached her soap-covered hand out and began to conceal it with lather, slowly moving her hand up and down. Lamar stepped into the shower, all the while planting tender kisses on her neck and cuffing her behind with both hands. Natalya continued to stroke his endowed manhood, feeling her vagina secreting. Lamar began to pant heavily as he inserted his middle finger into her. Natalya’s divine womanhood clamped his finger tightly as he gently pushed it in and out. She moaned while licking and nibbling on his right ear. Lamar quickly snatched her hand from his penis, slowly removed his finger from her vagina, and directed her to turn around. Natalya complied and placed both hands on the shower wall. He gently separated both her legs and slowly inserted his penis. She moaned while softly rocking her body back and forth, keeping up with his rhythm. Lamar cuffed her breasts as his tongue slithered across the back of her neck.

Find out just how scandalous Natalya really is!!!

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