Should I Give My Man a House Key?

You’re dating and he’s doing more than any man has ever done! From showering you with expensive gifts to giving you a little extra pocket money to play with, he definitely knows how to treat a lady. So you tell him that he has the key to your heart and in response, he asks for a key to your place. Wait. Did he just ask for a key to your castle? He sure did, and you’ve got some quick decisions to make because he’s growing impatient and is constantly reminding you of the time and money he’s invested in the relationship. Should you comply? What’s the worst or best that could happen? Let’s discuss.

Too Close for Comfort

Your home is your sanctuary and it doesn’t get any more personal than that. Ask yourself if this is something you’re ready for. Sure, he’s spent a few dollars and has treated you like a queen, but does providing him with a key need to be compensation for what you deserve and what he chose to do?

Key for a Fee

Either way you look at it, there’s a price to pay. You’re paying by giving him all access, 24/7 to you and your space, and that would make him somewhat of a resident. Guess what residents do…they pay rent! Maybe some of that extra cash he’s spending can go towards the rent. Express how you feel and explain to him what it is you’re sacrificing and see if he’s willing to meet you half way.

Even Exchange

You’re not trying to play tit-for-tat, but if he has a key to your place, shouldn’t you get a key to his? He may be hesitant or just come right out and say no, but his response might give you insight on his intentions and where your relationship is going. Does he want a key because of love or control?

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be pressured into giving anybody a key to your home in fear of losing the relationship. Not wanting to hurt his feelings shouldn’t be a reason to give him a key. Giving a key to your home to your significant other is a serious decision; one that needs to come from your heart because it’s just as important as your home.

Written By: Tahanee

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