Setting Boundaries with New Friends

Friends share secrets, fears, dreams and at times, opinions. But what happens when the opinions of new coming friends cross the line? Feeling uneasy about confronting them and possibly hurting their feelings you decide their “Too close for comfort” behavior needs to be addressed. Whether it’s hurt feelings, denial or the break of a friendship, you vow to get your point across and refuse to be on the receiving end of unwanted opinions again. This one is tough, but here are some things to consider when facing such a scenario.

Maybe You Talk Too Much

Stop telling all of your business! Sure it’s a budding friendship but it doesn’t have to be budding (so early) with BS and drama provided by you. First impressions are the most important and if you’re entering the friendship messy, with nothing but sob stories and gossip all to save face or to make the relationship exciting, then you’re leaving open space for criticism and are bound for backlash.

Don’t Be Mad

If you invited them to the dinner table and placed a hot meal in front of them …of course they’re going to eat! Don’t be surprised if they ask for seconds or better yet take it upon themselves to eat off of your plate! Hey…you’re the one who started sharing all of your business. If you don’t want your friend thirsting for that next cup of tea, don’t offer it to them in the first place.

Check Em or Dead Em!

Ya’ll aren’t thick as thieves but it’s obvious you two feel comfortable enough to discuss the details of your life. Of course, now that you’ve gotten unsolicited feedback about your life, you aren’t so sure about sharing all of your business with her; considering this, there couldn’t be a better time to put ole’ girl in her place. And no, you’re not being mean. You’re just getting your respect back and setting some boundaries.

A true friendship doesn’t happen overnight, so it makes sense to spend the beginning phases of your relationship setting boundaries and not being afraid to stand by them. Things might start off a little rocky, but if your new friend is built to last, she’ll be able to withstand the good, bad and the truth!

Written By: Tahanee

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