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Saying ‘I Do’ When Your Family Says ‘Don’t’

Love hasn’t always been on your side but now it’s different and you think you’ve found Mr. Right. The only problem is your family saw you go through Mr. Wrong way too many times. Now you’re having second thoughts about sending out those pretty little wedding invites and second-guessing your own feelings and relationship. Should you go with your heart or accept the fact that maybe you are a hopeless romantic? Here are some suggestions on how to make the best decision when it comes to the love of your life and love for your family.

Embrace that He is Mr. Right…Not Mr. Right Now

Pretending that you’ve never made mistakes in the past when it comes to love and relationships wouldn’t be wise at this time. Instead, acknowledge what you’ve been through and don’t be afraid to show your scars. Yes, you’ve hit a few bumps, but don’t be afraid to embrace that your new man is Mr. Right and not Mr. Right Now. Impressing and winning your family’s approval isn’t the goal; it’s about getting your family to respect your decision.

Don’t Stop Your Love

You’re not a big fan of Keith Sweat and he may do a lot of begging in his songs, but you’re taking his advice on this one! Third-guessing (in this case) the love you and your man share for one another could be the end of what God may have intended to be destiny. If it feels right, keep the love alive.

Here Comes the Bride…Whether They Like It or Not

You may be the last person anyone wants to see walking down an aisle all dressed in white but who cares? You’re getting married and that’s that! Your family’s approval shouldn’t dictate how you and your (future) husband plan on spending the rest of your lives.

Of course you respect and love your family but going with your heart is just as important! At the end of the day, while you’d love for your family to be on board with your marriage, your commitment is ultimately to your husband-to-be; not your family.

Written By: Tahanee

Follow Tahanee on Instagram: @TotallyTahanee

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