Part-Time Lover: Half a Man and Half-Committed

He’s not all the way yours, but you do have a piece of his heart. Even so, is this really logical? Can you really plan a future with a man who isn’t fully yours? Is it time to move on, reconsider what you expect from the relationship or see what he’s willing to give? Here are some things to consider.

Who Are You Fooling?

Holidays, birthdays and other special occasions have now become just another ordinary day for you. Why? Because you don’t expect to spend much time with your man! When you see him, you see him and when you don’t…sometimes for days at a time. There’s always an empty space and void in your heart, and a well-seasoned lover such as yourself isn’t ashamed to admit that…behind closed doors and only to yourself.

Who Laid Down the Law?

So exactly whose decision was it for you two to become part time partners? Did he tell you this was how it was going to be? Or did you make this decision? Either way, if you’re feeling an inkling of uncertainty about the situation, it may be time to reconsider the relationship and move on.

No Need for a Crystal Ball to Detect the Future…

…but the ball is definitely in your court! If it’s a future you want to pursue, and you’re looking to settle down, you always have the option of putting the cards on the table. Whatever you do, don’t call it an ultimatum, because if you’ve been complying and playing “Cuddle buddy” this whole time, your boo may just look at you as being confused and/or trying to pressure him.

The Outcome

The way things turn out in this situation are totally up to you and what you are willing to stand for. Keep in mind that even if your man isn’t completely committed to you, it’s most important that you are committed to you. Considering your happiness of everything else first and govern yourself accordingly with your part time lover.

Written By: Tahanee

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