Must See-Bully Big Chops Gets Chumped Down To Size!

There is a video that went viral I caught wind of over the weekend that my sister shared with me. The video shows a large Caucasian teenager bullying, punching and pounding on the head of another student who appears to be of color (Indian) I mention the color of these students because it plays a signficant role in how the situation was handled. In the video the Caucasian student is abusing the other victim without any interruption from the teacher or other students. She is allowed a significant amount of time to land brutal punches to the head of her prey.

I do not condone violence, but in this scenario, I am all for it! It's sad that the bully was able to beat on her classmate without anyone intervening, but when the melanated student came in to put a stop to the assault; she was quickly apprehended. What does this say? Well, it says alot. You can clearly see the discrimination and racism in this video. The lack of humanity displayed here is absolutely disgusting! And to make matters worse, you can hear the students giggling and chanting as the Caucasian student beats the Indian student, but when the tables are turned you hear the words "STOP IT!" When the Caucasian finds herself a victim.

What are we teaching our youth? Are we condoning this kind of behaivor? Are we saying it is okay to pull out a phone and record someone getting assaulted? I don't know much about what happened or if both students were suspended, but I do know that the teacher should definitely be penalized for not stepping in sooner.

Take a look for yourself.

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