Manifestation Really Works!

I’m tryna tell y’all some good stuff. When you hear people say “Speak it in existence“ that’s not just gibberish talk! I’ve always been big on energy and those close to me may have referenced it as “Superstition“ in the past, but they aren’t singing that tune anymore. No I didn’t discover a get rich quick scheme or how to put a spell on an ex to bring him back, but what I did find out was that I have WAY more control over how I react to just about ANY and EVERYTHING! Because we live in a world of believing that what we physically see is reality; our dreams and desires become distorted as soon as a negative thought surface and that makes it hard for us to believe that what we can’t see (at the moment) is impossible to attain and I totally get that! It’s hard to say “I am so happy and grateful I am rich” whlile looking at a negative balance in your checking account or to say, “I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it“ when you’re digging in between your car seat for rusty, crumb covered coins to pay for gas. But, in reality when you really think about it...EVERYTHING youve accomplished thus far was a thought before it happened and it had to have been something you believed in and envisioned before it flourished and came into existence. To sum it up, speak on whatever it is you are want to accomplish and behave as if it has already happened. Eventually your actions will soon reflect the passion, drive and beliefs that are within you! Why? Well because “Reality is not always what you see; it’s what you choose to believe!”

Here are some cool affirmations you can say to kickstart your “Manifestation” journey.

1. I have an abundant amount of money in my bank account.

2. I am grateful to God for what I have and for what I will receive

3. I am so happy and grateful for the body I have.

4. I am heathy, wealthy and living my dream.

5. I am loving the life I live.

6. Life loves me, (say your name)

7. I am funny, kind and joyful to be around.

8. Everyday I work in my craft.

9. I am positive, influential and supportive of others.

10. I am kind compassionate and trustworthy.

Now it’s your turn to make up a few of your own!

By: Tahanee

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