Let The Girls Be Girls-Should Transgenders Be Allowed To Participate In Female Sports?

I love discussing controversial topics on my platform despite the backlash I receive, threats to abandon my brand or just nasty comments! It's all apart of speaking out, sharing my thoughts and hearing the opinion of others. When I speak, I try to be sure that I speak from a place of transparency and open-mindness and it's not because I am afraid to take sides, but because I want to be as respectful and considerate of other's feelings, while not short-changing myself or dumbing down my knowledge to placate to the feelings of others. I am not here to stroke anyone's ego or to build up my own while tearing down somone's pride, but rather offer a different aspect of opinon with room to see things from what I define as logical and non-bias. Now, certain things I will say I am 100% for and others I'll just give a little bit of insight as to whether or not I have more of a liking or understanding to; Either way, it's MY OPINION and MY THOUGHTS and I would like (not expect) for others to respect how I feel, share their opinions and we respectfully exchange thoughts and move on.

Now back to the subject at hand. So...did you guys hear about the new executive order that Congress has put on hold? It's very interesting (to say the least) Let me gather my thoughts and get this straight. Basically, any natural-born male who identifies himself as a woman (in highschool/college) can participate in female sports.WOW!!! That just took alot of me. And to be honest, I really don't know how to quite take this; Because it is a very hard pill to swallow. In reality what this is saying to Americans is that everything we've been taught, shown and made to beleive has now become a matter of "Opinion." We are NOW forced to accept, believe and teach our children that the desire an individuals has to live their life as the opposite sex is facts and that although they are "Cleary" (visibly noticable) male or female we are to address them as "Mam or Sir," because if we don't then we will be labeled homophobic and prejudice. Interesting.

Since we are all in the business of calling him, her and her, him, then I would like to propose a little desire of my own! I no longer want to be addressed as a melanted (colored) woman. I identify myself as a 16 year-old Asian female and because it is my desire to become this person, I DEMAND for everyone around me to address me as such! Forget about what you see, what science has taught you and what you know is the truth! Because this is my wish and how I want to live my life, you, your children and everyone around me need to accept this! And if you don't...then you are a horrible and shallow person.

Learn More:

Biden signs executive order for transgender women to play sports against natural-born females.

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