It’s Not That They Don’t Like You; They Don’t Like Themselves!

This won‘t be one of those post where I am going to tell you all of the reasons why you should ignore those who are displaying jealousy towards you and how you should continue to walk with your head high, take it and stride. No, no, no! This is for those who are “Struggling” with accepting the accomplishments of those around them. Too many times I come across blogs and articles where they are directed towards those who are “Hurt,” but what about the individual who is not only “Hurting“ but also doing the “Hurting?” Investing that time and energy it takes to hate on someone is like having a 9 to 5. Seriously! The amount of time taken to research or conjure up a bunch of reasons “WHY” you don‘t like someone, could easily be used doing something productive for yourself; if you felt your life is worth saving!

What Makes Life Worth Living

Dreams. Aspirations. Goals. Desires and everything else that raises your vibration. Think about a special moment in your life that made you happy (the first time you learnt to drive, your first job. birth of a child, etc) and make a mental note of those emotions that are triggered. You will literally be able to feel and sometimes see the effects of this. Some people will get chill bumps, for some people their nipples grow hard or they perspire. The same kind of reaction happens when you hear a song you like. A signal is sent to the brain and this causes your body to react.

STOP Comparing Your Life To Someone Else’s

Why are you focusing and comparing what the next person has? Do you know what sacrifices they had to make? The loses they took or the daily struggles they are trying to overcome? The simple answer to that is, “NO!” You heard of the saying “Everything that glitters isn’t gold?“ Take heed. People are always going to do their best to show you their “Best.” No one going to show you

You Despise; They Continue To Rise

You're fighting a losing battle! Wasting time! Look pathetic! Don't EVER think for a moment that the individual you have dedicated everything moment of your precious time (that can come to an end at any moment) to hating, internally praying for their downfall and backbiting about, doesn't know your ill feelings towards them! You'd be really naive to think that this person is oblivious to the "Obsession" you have with their accomplishments. When a person is in a good place, BETS TO BELIEVE they are right with the Creator! Because when you build a link between yourself and the deity that is responsible for your very existence, you become spiritually inclined. Nothing...not even the bad intent and wishes that others have for someone's downfall can effect what they do.

A successful person lives in their own reality. In fact, they are living in their own world and unbeknownst to you, you have been sucked into that world. So I ask,

"How long are you going to sleep in someone else's dream?"

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