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Insta-Love: Find Your True Love On Social Media!

You’ve heard of Plenty O’ Fish, e-Harmony and the many other dating sites that are geared towards finding true love but what about Instagram and Facebook? Posting hot pics of yourself, your daily diet and giving the world a glimpse into your personal life is the trend and literally at the tip of your finger but can finding true love be just as easy and if so, will it last?

Many people have had a positive experience when it comes to online dating with some virtual relationships ending in marriage. The most obvious thing about online dating sites is that a profile is created that filters one’s likes and dislikes and finding those who meet your criteria can be a cinch, but when love happens on sites that don’t target love it could be viewed as fate.

Facebook and Instagram connects friends, family, fans and unsurprisingly sometimes love. A person who may not have the courage to approach their love interest in-person has the option of doing so by simply sending a friend request and/or a direct message. Once contact is made a relationship can blossom and for those who lost contact with a love interest or long-lost love the reward is even bigger.

Viewing a person’s everyday life when the intent isn’t for them to catch your interest or win your heart can be a great thing! If they are sharing a glimpse into their world without any filters displayed specifically to find love, then taking into consideration that you are getting to see the real them is another great pointer. Viewing them and what’s important to them can help determine whether or not the interest can lead to something serious, strong and real.

Don’t underestimate the power of what social networks geared toward connecting friends can flourish, because true love can be a click, friend request or direct message away!

Written By: Tahanee

Follow Tahanee on Instagram: @TotallyTahanee

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