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I'm Addicted To Pastries and Cookies


Hey guys! This isn't anything too long and drawn out! I decided to start a Daily Vlog on my website and under Bedroom Busters and Bites YouTube channel! As an Author, I've always felt the need to really become close to my readers. Not only did I want for them to understand me as a writer, but to understand me as, Tahanee. Someone you rarely see on social media or in some of my writings. To be honest, I am probably the TOTAL opposite of what you think! For one, I can honestly say that I joke around ALOT!!! and if you leave it to my parents I joke around TOO MUCH and I am "Too old to be playing so much!" Then I have to remind them that Richard Pryor, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mack, etc etc are all older than me and that I younger so they should cut me some slack! I am also responsible for MANY of my sister, French V Comedy's videos ;-)

Anyway, you'll see everything about me! People can always hide behind social media or any other platform available to disguise who they are, but being able to unmask the person you display to the public shows self-confidence, happiness and peace! The outer body is just the shell that carries our soul! The true beauty of a person lies within and is something the eyes can NEVER see. We should exercise the ability of what our souls have been created to do!

Oh and one last warning! You WILL see me without make-up (I HATE makeup and only wear it for filming), You WILL see me without weave (I don't wear weave; I am allergic to weave. The last one I had made me itch like crazy, but it was cute!) You WILL see me without lashes (I do not wear lashes) and by ALL means this is NOT to offend the sisters who do, but it's never been my thing. I choose not to wear fake hair (Although now, I do love me a BEAUTIFUL braided style, but that's about it!) and all of those other things. So having said that, I am just me! I like to laugh (some people say I play too much) I love to eat, read, cook, splurge (on things that are worth it) write, produce and come up with NEW ideas for creative projects (if that sounds better)

One of my biggest challenges are...(well I'll let you figure it out from my VLOGS ;-)


May Peace Be Unto You!!!


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