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I am a HUGE advocate on mental health and seeking professional counsel because I believe we ALL have some things in our lives that NEED to be addressed and the things we experience as children (whether good or bad) have a huge impact on our lives as adults! I NEVER pass judgement on how a person chooses to live their life, but I must admit I was taken aback when I found out that my Psychologist was "Transgender" (transitioning from M to F) and I never had any complaints, but I can admit I was a bit perplexed at times because he'd sometimes reference himself as a man (when speaking on male topics) and then he'd refer to himself as a woman when trying to connect with me I guess in a "Woman to Woman" basis. Since then, my Doctor has passed on, but I do wonder how many people would be open to having a Transgender therapist. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my sister, French V? Does a person's sexuality and how they choose to live their life hold any bearing on their credentials as a Licensed Practitioner? Does this make them unqualified?


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