"I Encourage My Man To Sleep With My Friends!"

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Sooo...I had a conversation with a female the other day and she told me that she 100% believes in polygamy and that she encourages her spouse to sleep with her friends! YES! You read that correctly. Her reasons for supporting such behavior was NOT geared towards sexual gratification for him, but completely for the purpose of her friends to experience what “True” lovemaking and intimacy feels like! She believes that her man is the BEST lover in the world (as she should) and that a woman hasn’t really gotten “IT” unless they’ve had him! She’s so gun-hold on how well he lays it down that she had pondered on creating an ad for him on Craigslist for “Sexual encounters” with other woman (for a fee of course) She has pledged to wanting her friends (whether in committed relationships or not) to experience “A real man!” And I’m sure you’re wondering if she participates in these “Friendly” encounters well the answer is...ABSOLUTELY NOT! She may peek in the room or put her ear to the door, but that’s as far as it goes! In her words, “The whole point is for my friend to feel comfortable, at ease, desired and pleased. She doesn’t need my ass (literally) all in the mix messing things up.” When asked would she allow for this to be a frequent thing she said “Of course.” And that she doesn’t oppose having a sister-wife or sharing her man in general. It just has to be with someone SHE selects and feels is worth their time! I wanted to know how she proposed the offer and approached her friends without offending them and she said “I know who and who not to approach! If my friend complains about the absence of a man and intimacy it’s easy to offer my man, but if she is the go by the religious books type I don’t even entertain the thought and of course if she shows interest in my sexual escapades I I share with her then, BINGO I know I’ve sparked some curiosity!” And she doesn’t mind them being intimate without her present. She just wants for them to be responsible. “I can see the administration when I tell them about some of the wild sex sessions and intimate moments I’ve had with my man. They get this twinkle in their eyes and I can see their bodies loosened up. They will adjust their position if they are sitting, uncross their legs or take a deep breath and sip of water. I can tell when they are considering the offer. I usually come out and say, girl you should let XYZ make you feel good,  because Biiiiiiitch let me tell you...After sex with MY MAN my legs are shaking, I’ve got butterflies in my and stomach and I’m completely relaxed.” She said the best way to described it was like the feeling you get after swimming in the pool all day and when you lay down your muscles and body is completely at ease. “As soon as your head hits the pillow you fall asleep!” “You will hear a female say that’s my best friend, we’re like sisters, blah blah, blah, but me...I love my friends waaaay different from the average female! If I got it; they got it. My money, food, whatever is theirs! I’m what you call a real-ass friend! And I’m not worried about what anyone thinks. The problem is that people are selfish and only want to share when it’s beneficial for them. Women are broken, lost and feel unloved because they are constantly trying to compete with other women all for a man. I put all of that to rest! There’s no need for the tug of war. Here, I’m offering him to you so that you don’t feel the need to sell yourself short and compete with another chick for some mediocre sex. Why search when your bestie can provide you with the best?” -Tahanee

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