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I Can’t Cook! Can Great Sex Compensate For What Isn’t on the Plate?

Who needs to learn how to cook when there’s plenty of steam in the bedroom, right? Well, what happens when play time is over and he wants a hot meal? That meatloaf can’t bake itself. Should women know how to cook, or can great sex compensate for what isn’t on the plate?

Bonita Williams 44, of Staten Island, NY says, “Absolutely not. Sorry, a way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. And that’s just my opinion because I am from the old school and as a woman I was always taught to do household duties like cook, clean and raise the children. Sex doesn’t last forever and neither does looks.”

But that was far from how Sean H. a 32-year-old resident of Washington, DC saw it. “Hell yeah, sex can compensate for a female not knowing how to cook! I’m good with some Mickey D’s; especially if she got a fat ass. Look…put it like this, I can be slurping my milk shake from Mickey D’s while she’s slurping on me.”

Amirrah S. 24, of Stafford, VA feels that, “Instagram and Facebook takes away from the real value behind being a wife because there are way too many women half-naked, twerking and doing all kinds of BS that makes marriage seem so farfetched to many men. You log on and see a woman in a thong twerking! The last thing a man is thinking about is marriage and the qualities that come with that, like cooking. I think it’s a plus to be bad and know how to cook!”

“That has to be one of the dumbest comments a woman can make when she says, ‘I can’t cook.’ Ain’t nothing cute about that. Every woman should know how to cook. I taught all four of my sons how to cook and wash clothes, so that they don’t ever have to depend on a woman for nothing,” were Pauline Sector’s thoughts, a 53 year-old grandmother of six from Arlington, VA.

Kumar Sanjeep, 24, an immigrant of Mumbai, India said, “In my culture it’s mandatory for a woman to know how to cook. I do not come from the best part of India, but as a child my mother and sisters were always responsible for preparing dinner for my father and three brothers. Once I moved to the US, I began to notice that many women have taken on the role of men, while men have adopted the domestic aspects of the relationship. I believe I am safe because I do not know how to cook so my future wife has no choice but to either know how or to learn, or else we will both starve. I would never say this in front of my parents, but she definitely has to give me great sex.”

So there you have it. To each their own, but make sure that your significant other knows exactly what you are (or are not) bringing to the table when it comes to cooking, or any other.

Written By: Tahanee

Follow Tahanee on Instagram: @TotallyTahanee

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