"His bite penetrates my skin...and I can’t shake him off."

Updated: Jan 3

👄I’m greeted by the full embrace of a fifth man, but this man seems different than the previous four. He seems a little darker than the others and I don’t mean in skin tone but in energy. He also seems a little bigger, taller, and shit thicker than the first four as well. He wraps his powerful arms around my body but also, manages to pin my right wrist behind my back while I am able to press my left wrist to push against his chest. There's something else, no matter how hard I try, I can’t focus on his face. I can only make out his crimson red eyes and his sinister evil grin which is actually quite frightening. I’m finding myself struggling to keep my composure when without notice he ravishingly clamps his mouth onto my throat. “Aaaaaargh!” His bite penetrates my skin and I can’t shake him off. I’m struggling with all I have as I am starting to notice a warmth radiating from his bite like a venom. The heat is traveling downwards through my body into my…now swelling breasts and throbbing nipples. “Oooooooohhh! Shit! Oooohhh! Fuck!” What? What the...hell? I’m…I’m getting so hot. Just what the hell is he actually doing to me? It…it reminds me of how Amnon used to bite on me but it’s way more intense. “Aaaahh.” Damn it. I'm licking my lips and getting so horny. I…I have to fight back and fast but…but he’s squeezing me so tightly. How is he holding me so powerfully while sucking my neck. “Ooooooh!” I swear he’s…he’s somehow…draining my energy while arousing the hell out of me at the same time. My sex is getting so wet and now even my clit is throbbing. If I get fingered right now, I’ll fucking erupt on contact. Despite my struggling this man takes his left hand to lift up my right leg. He actually manages to lift me off the ground slightly and uses his left leg to keep me pinned to the wall. Damn he's strong.👄



📖"FALLEN: Reign of the Shinab Family {Part #3}"📖


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😈"Could you Rise again after you've FALLEN?"😈


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