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He Was Watching!!!

What's the big deal about posting photos of yourself, your family, you on vacation, your brand new car or a delicious meal from a five- star restaurant? EVERYTHING! Especially for the person(s) who aren't able to do the same. And when you hear about Black Magic and spells don't think for one moment it's all fables and tales that were told and passed down from generation to generation because that shit is REAL!

You'd be surprised if you truly knew how many people disliked you and wished bad against you (only because of what you have and not even so much of who you are) when you post a photo on social media of yourself, your family, accomplishments and some of the most sacred things you possess (that would be considered private to those who do not have a social media account) you're opening the door for negative energy to attract itself to you, the people you love and/or the things you hold high regards to.

I'm not saying don't post the things you enjoy, just keep in mind that there are people out here who do not have the best intent for you and their main goal on this earth is to cause mischief and wreak havoc in your life and the lives of others! And in Islam they are called Jinns.

I know of this woman (we'll call her Tracy for privacy reasons) who met this guy at a social gathering and when she first glanced at him she didn't think anything (she wasn't even attracted to him) but there was one thing she couldn't dismiss from her memory and that was his eyes and the way he gazed at her from across the room. "It wasn't a friendly stare. It was one of those looks that straddled the fence of him trying to study me and at the same time he wore a look of disgust on his face," she shared. Well, long story short; he ended up introducing himself to her friend and from then on he and her friend seemed to have a cool mutual relationship that was until he mustard up the courage to inquire about Tracy and express his interest in her and surprisingly Tracy gave in; even marrying him! And despite the many issues of infidelity, lies, drug abuse and waking up to find him standing over her as she slept with fly trap paper in his hand; she remained fully committed to him and their marriage. Turning the blind eye to the fact that she'd catch him peeking at her from around corners in their home, hiding things from her like her car keys, cell phone, credit cards and other essential things; she still stayed for years. But all of that came to a screeching halt when one of the most horrific incidents occurred in her life. You see for years they had been unsuccessful at trying to conceive a child; it just never seemed to be the right time, but after three false alerts and two miscarriages it happened! And although she was happy to finally be with child, the unstable environment that was filled with so much drama filled wouldn't allow her to relish in the news, but because that was her husband and she always wanted to be a mom she decided to proceed with the pregnancy and try to deal with whatever comes her way; whether it be good or bad. And that single decision ended up proving to be on of the worse decisions she could have ever made in her life! (aside from marrying him)

It was a little past 2pm on a Sunday afternoon when Tracy had just laid their three-month old daughter down for a nap before retreating to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. He (notice I never mentioned his name and I have my reasons for that!) had been lounging on the couch watching football all day and was becoming restless so he decided to pick a fight with Tracy; something he'd do quite often for his own entertainment. But instead of the normal taunting, name calling and shoving her here and there He figured it would be funny to shake her up a bit and what way better way to get her in a frenzy than to hide something she used on daily basis and/or needed! Keys? No! She's in the for day so she doesn't plan on going out. Wallet? Nah! Did that two-weeks ago. Cell phone? Boring! How about her diamond earrings? Nope! She's wearing them. "Damn!" he sighed. Just as he was about to call it quits the best idea popped into. The baby! That;s right! I'll hide the baby! He crept past the kitchen and made his way to the nursery where the baby peacefully slept in her crib, burrito-ed in a soft yellow fleece blanket. Cautiously he scooped her up and headed towards the restroom. This is going to be hilarious! he thought as he opened the bathroom door and headed straight towards the half-filled wicker laundry basket. He removed a few pieces of soiled garments from the basket and gently placed the sleeping infant inside before resting the dirty clothes back inside on top of her careful to leave just enough open space for oxygen.. Satisfied with the outcome results he turned the light switch off, closed the door and headed towards the kitchen. "I'm out of spaghetti sauce," Tracy called out as he entered the kitchen. "Do you want me to go and pick up some?" He asked. But Tracy declined the offer. She wanted to get some fresh air; she'd been in the house all day and she knew the baby would be asleep for a a while. "I'll go," Tracy said as she headed towards their bedroom to retrieve her car keys. He sat at the kitchen table nibbling on a grapes. "You play too much! Where did you put my keys?" She came walking into the kitchen. "What?" he asked perplexed. "Stop playing so fucking much! Where did you put my goddamn keys?" She demanded. "Go head with that bullshit. Don't nobody have your keys!" He got up from the table and walked over the trash can and tossed the used paper towel inside. This asshole! She thought. "Okay. So you want to play those kind of games?" She raised her tone. "What? Games? I DON'T HAVE YOUR FUCKING KEYS!" Tracy nodded her head with a sinister grin. "The longer you play around; the longer it's going to take for you to eat." Angered by her cool reaction, he stormed over and grabbed her the throat.

They shouted and tussled in the kitchen with one another for twenty minutes before she was convinced he really didn't have her car keys. After-all it didn't make sense! It's not like she was going to the store for herself; she was going to the store to get the rest of the ingredients to finish his dinner! He fixed the stretched out collar on his shirt as Tracy walked over the the sink to pour herself a glass of water and then BAM! It hit her. There they were. Her keys rested on the countertop right next to the dish rack. She picked up the keys and jingled them. "Wow," she said placing her hand on her forehead before gazing back at him with a look of embarrassment. But he was gone! Weird! Where'd he go? She wondered as she walked through the kitchen into the living towards their room. She didn't call out his name because she didn't want to wake the baby so she just walked past each room until she came to the nursery. Tracy peeked her head inside and noticed the baby was missing. Strange! I don't remember hearing her cry. But then again...I didn't hear much of anything because of all of the yelling and fighting we had been doing. She shrugged and figured he had taken the baby to their bedroom, but when she opened the door only to find the room completely empty! Panic set in as she frantically made her way back to the living room, through the kitchen and back into the hall way. An eerie silence filled the air. A feeling of nothingness as if everything around her had cease to exist. Even the floor beneath her feet mimicked the sound of falling cotton as she walked towards the bathroom. The orange hue light from the bathroom dimly lit the dark hallway. She approached the door, turned the knob and peeked inside...there he sat on the floor cradling the lifeless body of their daughter in his arms.

Although it's been ten years since Tracy's tragic accident she still finds herself waking up in the middle of the night wondering "Why?" and what she could've done to prevent this from happening. We know there's a lot that could've been done, but as friends you never want to throw more salt on a wound. As for him...he's serving a twenty year bid for involuntary manslaughter. It wasn't until recent years another female reached out to Tracy that she found out the truth about him and in my opinion that seemed to be more devastating than ever! Come to find out, he had been stalking her online way before they had even met! I'm talking two long years of stalking! He had come across her picture on a very popular social network and ended up befriending her using another person's profile. He studied her every move and daily routine. He knew almost everything about her based on what she posted. One thing he picked up was that she was a horror film fanatic and that she often watched CSI boasting and bragging about how her investigative skills her impeccable. The only thing she didn't expose about herself were nudes because she shared everything else so freely online! Even her location was easy to find. And being a CSI fan himself he knew exactly how to find her and when the opportunity presented itself he did. And because of that she now has to live everyday for the rest of her life with the memories of how she once was the mother of a beautiful baby girl!



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