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Fellas, Start Cleaning and Cutting Your Damn Nails!!!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

If there's one thing I loath, it’s a man with dirty and/or long fingernails! That is so unattractive and one of the biggest turn-offs (for me) I don't know about you other sisters but, a man's fingernails say ALOT about them. Now, I'm not saying that just because he has clean fingernails he's clean (takes baths everyday, washes his hands after he uses the bathroom, etc, etc) but it damn sure leaves very little to the imagination (for me) when they are short and clean! Because if I see a man with dirt under his nails I'm thinking it's dirt from scratching under his balls or it's shit! And if he has long fingernails, I am going to be gun hold on the fact that he is more than likely using that long nasty stiletto, candy corn shaped fingernail) pinky nail to pick boogers and/or clean the wax from his ears. So, having said that, PLEASE do not offer to cook me a DAMN thing, feed me strawberries or OVERALL touch me if you have even an inch of a fingernail!

The same way YOU MEN like to depict women and have all of these high standards; you need to check and make sure you meet the basics and that's cleaning, cutting and grooming those damn nails!

Respectfully :-)

- Tahanee

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