Face Mask- The Good, The Bad and The Lies

Whether it's a way to control or another way to decrease the population; Either way, if you live in a state or country that has not yet banned mandatory face-mask then you're stuck and have no option!

This is not up for debate; Unless you want to be escorted out by the police while visiting one of your favorite or most frequent places of business! No time to put up a fight or explain why you don't feel the need to wear a mask (despite the mounting scientific evidence that challenges Dr. Fauci's findings) and the proof to back up your claims; It's all pointless because the fact still remains, "You must wear a mask!" If you want to be apart of society and interact with the rest of the world; It's a law you must abide by.

Like with almost any aiborne disease, our bodies have been programmed to fight off bacteria and germs from the inside/out. Our bodies are self-healing and with every health issue we encounter, there is a counteract that can heal those external ailments that can invade our internal organs.

No need to put up a debate about this and if you don't want to be like Trey Songz who found himself facing legal issues because he didn't follow the mandatory face-mask law while visiting a public place, then you might as well get use to it because if the annoying and irritable fact remains that the mask are here and they are here to stay!

Question of the day- Are the mask a way to control people? Are these mask simular to slave mask? And could history be repeating itself?

Mask or Muzzle? You be the judge.

Read about Slave Mask here.

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