Exchanging Vows In Prison

It isn’t uncommon for a woman to exchange wedding vows with their Prince Charming while he’s incarcerated. In fact, Lifetime network introduced the world to their hit show Prison Wives,  which gave a glimpse into the lives of wives and fiancées whose men were serving time. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Donna from Black Ink Crew and Cardi B of Love and Hip Hop New York announced their plans to tie the knot to their imprisoned princes. While Donna went forward with her plans to wed, Cardi B had a change of heart. Does this highest level of love and commitment between two human beings reflect a negative image of the bride? Let’s explore the heart of a woman who weds her incarcerated beau.

That Bonds  

Does the love that two individuals share for one another increase or decrease when there are rules and regulations put on the time they are allowed to see, converse and enjoy each other? Some may refer to the adage, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” while others might believe that distance creates nothing more than space and opportunity to explore other options. The realities facing prisoners and their families are harsh, but love equips them with the power to endure the circumstances until they are permanently reunited.

What She Wants vs What She Deserves

Just because she’s in love with a convict doesn’t mean she’s devaluing herself. It could be a relationship that blossomed before his incarceration, or maybe (like in many cases) she became his pen pal and experienced an instant connection. Family and friends might think that their loved one deserves more than matrimony that began in prison, but what about what she wants? Deserving and wanting are two different things, but no matter how you look at it, the wife-to-be has every right to make such an important decision on her own terms.

Some women fantasize about the fairy tale wedding. Others are more focused on marrying the man of their dreams. But for some women, the best of both worlds happens within the walls of an unlikely place: prison.

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