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"Change The Way You Think and You'll Be The Happiest Person Alive!"

The mind controls the body! Where do our thoughts come from? A thought must exist from something else. Just like us existing on this earth. There must always be something beyond this level in order for the lower level to exist. Before you can have a physical body, you must have a mental body to control it (after-all doesn't the brain tell the body what to do?) Now, let me take it a step further, before you have a mental must have a spiritual body which obviously controls the mental body. Do you get the drift? To sum it up "You are one with everything in existence" even the unseen.

You Don't See It, But You Know It Exist

Have you ever gone outside after a snow storm and found footprints in the snow whether it be from an animal or another human being? What conclusion did you come up with when you saw the prints? Were you able to determine the type of animal it was? Or if the prints were made by another person would you be able to the style of the shoe, the size, color or the gender of that person? If you aren't a Zoologist or Scientist who studies anthropology, pathology and all of the other areas of biological physical- archaeology and linguistics then more than likely the answer is going to be "No" but, having a title of some sort doesn't require for you to see (physically) that there was someone or something there (before you) that left the prints in the snow. I hope I didn't lose you! No. You didn't see the actual animal or person who made those prints, but because of the physical impression that was left behind; you know they were there! What does this have to do with you being happy? Read on.

If You Can Think It; You Can Achieve It

Have you ever heard of the above saying? It's true on so many levels. If you are able to think of the things that make you happy without conjuring up the "What if it doesn't work, it's impossible, I'm not good enough, etc etc" then you are able to create the life you truly want. Positive thoughts trigger positive actions! If you want to be healthy; you eat certain foods. If you want to be a business owner; you take the necessary steps to go about owning your own business. The problem is that when people are unable to see things (physically) then they become discouraged and feel as though it can't happen. But, remember those footprints in the snow? You didn't see the creature/person creating them, but you know they were there. You don't see yourself being a successful business owner, millionaire, having the sexy body you always wanted, dream car, perfect mate and all of the other wonderful things this life has to offer because you don't see it, but the most beautiful thing about the conscious mind is that it allows for you to create whatever it is you want without limitations (those negative thoughts you make obstacles) before it even happens! And when this happens, your subconscious mind goes into "Auto-Pilot" and follows suit.

Take Control

Positive Affirmations

Did you know that only 5% of our conscious mind is being used while the other 95% is occupied by the subconscious mind? The conscious mind is objective/ thinking mind that has no memory. This mind has four essential functions and can only hold one thought at a time. This portion of your mind works solely with the six senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, feel and touch. It continuously observes and places (in its proper category) what goes on around you that's why its extremely important to feed your mind with positive thoughts internally and externally (books, movies, people, activities, etc etc) A great way to constantly keep yourself on a level of positivity is to create and/or read positive affirmations on a daily basis. Meditating, creating vision boards, watching programs on self improvement are also excellent ways to help reprogram the mind. Start out by saying smalls things about yourself and adding the dreams/goals you want to manifest in those affirmations. For example:

Instead of saying, I will have the job of my dreams, say: I am so grateful I have the job of my dreams! Speak in past tense as if it has already happened. Make a list of all of the things you want to see flourish in your life and treat that list as a garden (nurturing, feeding it, watering it and giving it attention on a daily basis) and watch it grow. Remember, happiness is an emotion that comes from within and YOU determine how you decide to think, feel and live.

- Tahanee

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