Bedroom Etiquette: Should I Be Offended By His Sudden Criticism?

You’ve never had any complaints so what’s this nonsense he’s talking about when he says you can stand to improve your love making skills? Ouch…that hurts! You’re laughing out loud but on the inside your ego has been shot down. Do you listen to some of his suggestions, send him packing or make a few suggestions of your own as to where he can improve (because you can name a few). This article will discuss how to take constructive criticism without allowing your emotions to get the best of you.

Don’t Shout…Hear Him Out

Don’t turn his words and feelings into something negative. Obviously he’s telling you how to please him because he’s wants to make things work. Would you rather he go looking for satisfaction outside of the relationship? Probably not. So go on and give him credit for expressing himself and wanting to make things work.

Less Teeth + More Cheek = Freak

This isn’t really math but by now you should be familiar with this equation. Don’t be embarrassed when he points out that you’re hurting his man pole when you go down on him. Listen and learn. Find out what he likes, watch some videos or practice with a Popsicle. It may sound funny but remember he’s telling you for a reason; now isn’t the time to let your ego get in the way.

Night of the Laying Dead- He Wants More Action

Laying there like a dead cow may be one of his concerns. Therefore you’ve got to let him know you’re very much alive. Don’t try to climb on top of the headboard or swing from the chandelier (unless that’s your thing) but by all means get wild. Drink a Redbull, eat a whole bag of skittles, scream, shout! After all, anything is better than playing dead.

Your lover is someone you’ve chosen to share your body with, and looking at his needs as concerns and not complaints is a positive step towards a healthy relationship inside and outside of the bedroom!

Written By: Tahanee

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