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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Play Matchmaker for Friends

Have you ever played matchmaker for your friends and it ended up being a total disaster? Well, if you’re lucky you haven’t been on the receiving end of that situation, and after reading this article, you may want to leave the matchmaking thing to Patti Stanger.

1. Transcriber

Surely, you know every intricate aspect in both parties’ lives! From what type of laundry detergent they use… to how many episodes of “Love & Hip Hop New York” they have recorded on their DVR. And if not, then you’d better get to researching because whatever it is their new significant other wants to know, you are responsible for finding out. Do you really have time for that?

2. Beck and Call

There is absolutely, positively no way you will be considered just that great friend who helped them find love. Instead you have now adopted the identity of being the great friend/therapist whose responsibility is to save their relationship when disagreements arise. Why? Well, you’re the one who hooked them up in the first place; therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep them together. So be sure to keep that cell phone charger on deck because you’re gonna need a full battery.

Patti Stanger
Patti Stanger, “Million Dollar Matchmaker”

3. Private Eye

When they don’t return calls, text or disappear for hours at a time they must be cheating. At least that’s what their lover has convinced themselves despite having no solid proof. So where do you come in? You need to be the person who investigates this and comeback to confirm and/or share your findings.

4. Mind Reader

Unlike Sway, you’ve got the answers; and if you don’t then you need to think fast! You should be able to predict and provide every thought that arises in the mind of both lovers. You also need to be able to share what they are feeling.

5. It’s All Your Fault

That’s right! As soon as the drama rears its ugly head that’s when you’re going to be considered the cause and reason for it all. If you hadn’t brought them together in the first place then they’d both be in better positions. It’s because of you that their love life is now in shambles.

Everyone wants to see their loved ones living a happy and peaceful life with a significant other. But letting nature take It’s course is more significant and can potentially save you from ruining a friendship and/or contributing to a failed relationship.


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